December Belt Testing! [videos]

Videos are up of today’s belt testing held in at the North school in Rancho Cordova, CA.


Elk Grovetraditional taekwondo and hapkido martial arts self defense in greater sacramento
(916) 405-6868
8830 Sheldon Road (map)Rancho Cordova
(916) 368-8824
3036 Mather Field Road (map)

About Lee's Korean Martial Arts

Learning martial arts, as with anything else, takes time. It will take at least a few years to eventually attain the rank of black belt. Nothing worthwhile can be obtained quickly or easily. Remember, the journey to back belt is not a race. It will take perseverance and determination to make it to the rank of Black belt. As the famous punch line goes, "the way to Carnegie Hall is ... practice, practice, practice!"
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