Women’s & Teen’s Self Defense Course in Rancho Cordova…

women's self defense flyer with lee's korean martial arts logo

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Lee’s Korean Martial Arts will be holding its next women’s self defense course on Saturday

  • January 14, 2012 from 10am to 12pm
  • January 21, 2012 from 10am to 11am
  • January 28, 2012 from 10am to 11am

Classes are $10 each and all women/teens are encouraged to come! This is hands on self defense training. Dress comfortably in jeans and a t-shirt.

What we’ll be covering:http://safetyenforcement.blogspot.com/2010/03/womens-self-defense-vital-striking.html

  • Tips, Advice, and Common Sense
  • When on Public Transportation
  • In and Around Vehicles
  • Walking & Jogging
  • Clothing


  • In Dangerous Situations
  • Using Your Environment
  • Objects Around You
  • Objects on You
  • Practice: how to quickly & effectively use objects. When you are in danger, do not hesitate to use them! Attack quickly, and if possible, attack vulnerable points by using a lot of power. You might have only one clear opportunity to defend yourself, don’t lose it.

Prepare & Prevent because safety doesn’t happen by accident!

There is a sitting area for kids to sit and play. Please phone ahead with any questions:
3036 Mather Field Road (map)

About Lee's Korean Martial Arts

Learning martial arts, as with anything else, takes time. It will take at least a few years to eventually attain the rank of black belt. Nothing worthwhile can be obtained quickly or easily. Remember, the journey to back belt is not a race. It will take perseverance and determination to make it to the rank of Black belt. As the famous punch line goes, "the way to Carnegie Hall is ... practice, practice, practice!"
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