2012-01: Women’s Self Defense

The first class in our 3-part Women’s Self-Defense series included guest speaker, Dennis, is a former corrections officer and supplied in-depth information on the mentality of attackers, environment awareness, and how to use items found in your purse as a weapon. Our other instructors included Master Allen and Master Carla, both of Lee’s Korean Martial Arts.

Our next class will be this Saturday (Jan. 21). Women, men, and teens are all encouraged  to attend. This will be a very hands on course. If you have any physical limitations please let an instructor know before or during class. We’ll train you on how best to protect and defend yourself.

Cost is $10 at the door in the form of cash, check, major credit, or debit card.

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Safety hint: target your attackers eyes. one good hit will buy you enough time to run away!

Lee’s Korean Martial Arts in Rancho Cordova


If you are interested in hosting LKMA at your business for self defense training please phone us in Elk Grove (916) 405-6868 or in Rancho Cordova (916) 368-8824

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