Lee’s Korean Martial Arts Academy

Welcome to Lee’s Korean Martial Arts. Serving the greater Sacramento area we have schools located in Rancho Cordova and Elk Grove. Both offer skilled instructors in Tae kwon Do and Hap Ki Do. As a traditional martial arts academy, we place strong emphasis on mental training, discipline, ethics, aesthetics, meditation, breathing techniques, and of course physical training.

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Elk Grove (916) 405-6868 or Rancho Cordova (916) 368-8824

Welcome Message

Hello to future and new students.  I welcome you to our school.  Over the past few decades, I have taught students of all ages.  As long as you are willing to do your part, I will do my part and train you in the ways of Korean martial arts.

Lee's Korean Martial Arts Elk Grove & Rancho Cordova, CA

Learning martial arts, as with anything else, takes time.  It will take at least a few years to eventually attain the rank of black belt.  Nothing worthwhile can be obtained quickly or easily.  Remember, the journey to black belt is not a race.  It will take perseverance and determination to make it to the rank of Black belt.  As the famous punch line goes, “the way to Carnegie Hall is … practice, practice, practice!”

There may be times that you may feel like giving up.  This is normal at one time or another; I believe all students may consider this as they work their way to black belt.  Some give in to the feeling, others press on, and still others come back to continue their lessons after months or even years away from class.  This is okay, everyone practices and attends class at their own pace.  If life makes it impossible to be able to attend class, remember as long as classes are being held, students are always welcome when their schedule permit them to return.

Elk Grove CA and Rancho Cordova traditional Taekwondo schoolsEven once one works their way up to black belt, the journey is not over.  Even though I have been a black belt for decades I am still a student have been continuously striving to work my way up to higher degrees of black belt as well.  We are all students in this school.

A martial art is an art that is continuously asking for the student to try to see how far one can grow and what feats of skill they can accomplish.

Among the benefits of learning Martial arts is better confidence in oneself.  Increased balance, and graceful, walking.  Learning how to interact with others while being trained, and as time goes on, training others.  Most importantly we all learn teamwork.

While the reason some people initially join is to defend oneself, it is often later realized that the ability to defend oneself is only a side benefit and not the primary benefit of Martial Arts.

The Martial Arts is not just physically demanding, it is also mentally demanding.  Beyond the moves, there are several things that students are expected to learn.  Besides Grandmaster Lee’s message, etiquette page, and the frequently asked questions.

There are the…traditional taekwondo and hapkido martial arts self defense in greater sacramento

  • Rules
  • Pledge
  • Purpose
  • Motto
  • Philosophy
  • Creed
  • School Spirit
  • Our mission
  • As well as the Commands

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Phone: (916) 405-6868                                                                      Phone: (916) 405-6868
8830 Sheldon Rd. (map)                                                                       3036 Mather Field Rd. (map)
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