Upon entering the Do Jang students are expected to have their belongings in their left hand, and bow to the flags first, then to Grandmaster Lee, then acknowledge any other black belts that notice the student’s entry as a sign of respect.

As with any culture (not just Asian) there is a level of deference that is expected of students.  The structure is very similar to the military.  In fact, if one would consider the structure of the school.  Grandmaster Lee is the equivalent of General, the other black belts are officers, and the color belts are the enlisted personnel.  Just for this reason alone, martial arts schools are perfect for students to instill a sense of respect that will prepare students to be ready for the military.  As well as life in general, because all jobs have the same kind of structure.  It is done here in a fun way and in perspective.

Everything (when practical) is done in the order of left to right.  From passing the attendance card, to exercising and stretching. First, start with the left, and then go to the right.

Prior to entering and leaving the mat area, students are expected to bow to the flags.

Students are to endeavor to arrive to class early enough put on their uniform, find their attendance and to be ready for the beginning of class.

If there is time, and room in the back of the class, students are encouraged to stretch quietly so as to not disturb or distract the class.

When the class is called to begin, the students will line up according to belt ranking.  Black belts will be in the front starting at the right (as facing the flags), then the color belts, and finally the white belts.  Students will space themselves arms length apart.  When the first row fills up, then the second row will line up according to ranking, once again from right to left, same goes for all other rows until all students are in place.

If a student arrives late and the class is already in progress, the student is required to quickly change into their uniform.  Then kneel outside of the mat area.  When the instructor acknowledges the student, the student is expected to confidently shout,  “may I join the class (then the name of the instructor [i.e., Grandmaster Lee!]).  Once the instructor says “yes, you may.” then the student will get into last available position in the back.

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